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Guatemala is located in Central America with a population of a little over 15 million. It is considered a third world country due to the extreme poverty and lack of access to basic needs, such as water and education. 


~75% of Guatemalan people do not have enough income to purchase a food basket.

The average daily income for a Guatemalan is $3-6. 


Only 3 out of 10 children make it to the 6th grade.


Guatemala has the highest teen pregnancy rate in all of Latin America. 

A Lack of Hope

With numbers like these, you can imagine that the majority of Guatemalans don’t have a lot of hope. Parents expect that their children will end up dropping out of school to get jobs.

A Vicious cycle

Girls are expected to end up pregnant by an age as young as 10 years old. The cycle is vicious, and yet they know no other way.


Teaching a better way of life centered on Christ through discipleship

His Hands and Feet ministries wants to bring the message of salvation and hope. We are currently working in 2 locations; Zorzoya and Magdalena Milpas Altas. Here's what we're doing to get to know the kids and demonstrate a better way of life:


Discipleship Groups

We believe that after accepting Christ in their hearts every person should have a group of people to grow spiritually and learn what it means to be a follower of Christ..


Leadership Training

We work with the local church to advance God's Kingdom through discipleship and meeting the needs of the communities. We do this by training Pastors and leaders with passionate hearts.

I am the Future

We have a monthly development program to help teach the children of the community to work and help their own community by cleaning the streets and help the families in need


Home Improvement Projects

Often when we see a specific need in the community we put together a team of people to improve someone's home.

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You can change lives in Guatemala

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We are full time missionaries  working for Go Send Me Global.  Our support comes from churches and individuals in the US. If you would like to Donate or Support us monthly click on the button below.

Checks can be made out to:                                                         Go Send Me Global.                                                                Please include a note that the donation is for                            His Hands and Feet.

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Join us in Prayer

Above all we work for the Lord. We believe in the power of prayer. We like to ask that everyone join in prayer that the Lord would meet our needs as a family, that He would open the hearts of those in our village, that He would give us strength and discernment in our work, and that slowly, but surely, lives will be saved.

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Kevin, Ashley, Isabella & Ian 

Kevin, Ashley, Isabella & Ian 

The Hernandez Family

Ashley has lived in Guatemala for 5 years, and Kevin is a native Guatemalan. In 2015 they began the ministry “His Hands and Feet.” They have a passion for the lost and needy people of Guatemala.


About His Hands & Feet

Our Mission

Show God’s love.
Family Restoration

Our Vision

To inspire lifestyle changes and provide opportunities so every person finds their identity in Christ and uses it to better society.

Video: Our heart for the children of Guatemala

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